It can be said that Enrique Jalón was born among vineyards. He was born in Yécora in a family of farmers. His great-grandfather made wine in a small wine cellar in the village. His grandparents planted vineyards while they struggled to support the family in those difficult times. His parents decided to invest in grape vines as their exclusive crop and went from being cooperative members to selling their grapes to renowned wineries.

His passion for the vineyards and wine motivated him to study viticulture and oenology at the University of La Rioja while he worked on the family farm. After working at several prestigious international wineries and discovering the great wine-growing regions of the world, he returned to his birthplace, the village where he was born and had grown up among the vineyards.

Since 2011 at the age of 23, convinced that he lived in one of the world’s best wine growing regions, he fulfilled his destiny and began to acquire plots, recover vineyards and plant new ones with the aim to make unique and authentic wines that represent the landscape where he was born and raised.

In 2016 when seeking a site for his project, he took over an old wine-grower’s winery in the nearby town of Viñaspre, where he began to produce and design his own wines.

In 2019, he launched his first bottles in the market with the Ezki trademark, a declaration of intentions to place added-value on generations of hard work.